The story begins
when three American friends,

Matt Walthall, David Spengler, and Tom Crozier decided to brew their own beer at home. They had grown tired of the limited selection, and homogeneous taste, of domestic beer found in Berlin stores, Spätkaufs and restaurants. They shared their creations with friends old and new in an effort to challenge preconceived notions of what beer should and could taste like. Over time, the group improved their skills and began expanding their recipes to include new and original styles of craft beer. In 2011, Matt, David, and Tom decided to take the next step and create a full fledged brewing company. Vagabund Brauerei GmbH was born.

Vagabund has embarked
on a journey to start
Berlin’s first nano-sized brewery.

The brewery is just so big to brew enough to share, but small enough to allow for creativity. As we move forward, we will stay committed to the local craft beer community that has done so much to help make this a reality.  

We hope to see you in the tasting room.