CSB - Community supported brewery

“Companies are communities. There’s a spirit of working together. Communities are not a place where a few people allow themselves to be singled out as solely responsible for success.”
— Henry Mintzberg

We believe people today are too disconnected from what they eat and drink. When someone orders a beer in a bar, and no one questions what kind of beer, a part of our soul dies. We know that most people think beer is Pilsner, or don’t care that most of that Pilsner they treasure is owned by a company better known for frozen pizza and baking powder.

Unfortunately most people think this way, and a few of them work for banks. We don’t want them to own our brewery and tell us we should brew more mainstream beer to make them more money.

Vagabund does something different with the help of like-minded people. We don’t want to just sell you beer, we want to make you part of the brewing process. We want to share our ideas and develop recipes together. We don’t want to tell you how great this beer would go with that food. We want to sit down at the table with you and share it.

Buying a yearly membership in the brewery entitles you to two free refills every month in your very own 1l growler. Not only are you getting your beer directly from your local brewery, you get to be part of the dialogue between the brewers and the members.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
— Henry Ford

Membership plans

€250– 1 Year (startup membership)

A Vagabund growler which entitles you to two free refills a month. Included in the startup membership is a Vagabund t-shirt and hoody. Membership also entitles you to invites to special recipe designing events and beer tastings. Bonus: With every refill you’ll get a free High Five. 

€180– 1 Year (renewal membership)

Just the 2 liters of beer a month this time; no swag. Free High Fives though.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
— Vincent Van Gogh

The small print

  • Due to the small size of our brewery we will be limiting membership to 30 individuals. Membership will be based on a first come, first served basis. Email us at info@vagabundbrauerei.com if you're interested.

  • Membership can only be held by an individual and cannot be passed on to someone else.

  • The growler, hoody, and t-shirt only come with your initial start-up membership and are not given out after every renewal.

  • Membership only valid at Antwerpener Straße 3, 13353 Berlin location and not at any future or outdoor Vagabund locations or events.

  • Membership includes 2l of our beer a calendar month. The growler size is 1 liter. Please only request one growler fill on any given day.