Do you have a party to go to? Do you have friends that can help you drink ten liters of refreshing, tasty beer? Do you have friends, but none you can trust, and can drink ten liters of beer by yourself... in secret? Then the party kegs are for you! With the party keg comes the dispensing tap unit (handpump); you just need to supply a glass to drink out of. If you'd like to order one, just send us an email at and we'll set up the pick-up time. Here are more details:

American Pale Ale
5,2% abv.
10L = 50€ (ink. MwSt.)

Haus Helles
4,9% abv.
10L = 50€ (ink. MwSt.)

A €150 deposit (Pfand) is added onto the 10L keg and the dispensing tap unit pump, and given back once returned to us. You know, the way deposits work.

*The 10L Party Keg should be consumed within 3 months.