close up on draft beer with foam
The Full Vagabund Experience

Craft beer brewing courses, beer tastings, and brewery tours. Get to meet us. Experience the beers through our eyes.

close up on draft beer with foam
Inside look at the Vagabund beer brewery in Berlin

Tour & Tasting

Curious about how beer is made, what’s the best way to taste beer? Maybe you want to just drink some delicious beers with your friends while having your questions answered while you drink? Or maybe you just want to explore and drink in a one-hundred-year old boiler house that we have converted into a brewery?

If you answered yes to any or all of those, join our beer education specialist, Joe, as he takes you on a journey through how beer is made, offers insight about what makes beer so special, how to properly taste beer, and offers his knowledge on beer history.

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All tastings are provided in English
(unless otherwise specified)